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Planning your purchase strategies

There are many issues and tips to keep in mind in order to meet your goals. Here is a highlight of some key ones.


  • Make sure that you can afford to buy.
  • Determine the amount of mortgage you are able to carry.
  • Use professionals at all times before making a commitment. Tap into their expertise for your peace of mind. This includes carefully selecting a realtor, home inspector, and contractor, if you plan any renovations.
  • Get a second opinion from someone you trust who knows you personally. 
  • Always view and inspect before you buy.
  • Don’t buy largely for emotional reasons. Attempt to be as objective as possible.

Additional Tips

  • Have a clear understanding of your personal and financial needs.
  • Do thorough market research before making the purchase.
  • Select the right property considering specific personal needs, the potential risks, and money involved.
  • Do financial calculations before hand.
  • Buy at a fair market price.
  • Make a decision based on an objective assessment but not just an emotional one.
  • Select an experienced realtor with expertise in the type of real estate and geographic location you are considering.
  • Put the appropriate conditions or "subject clauses" in the offer.
  • Obtain and review all the necessary documentation appropriate for a given property (e.g. condo) before making a final decision to buy.
  • Detail precisely what chattels ( fridge and stove, drapes, etc.) are included in the purchase price.

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