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Professional Real Estate Agent
The Professional real estate agent can locate a great deal or information such as price comparisons, current % difference between listing and selling prices, historical data and trends, listing profile of property, etc.

A good and professional real estate agent is an invaluable asset. He can save your time, expense, and frustration, and provide advice and expertise. There are many advantages to using realtors. You can use their services to source out property listed on multiple or exclusive listings, or for property being " to sell by owner." You can also use them to contact owners of property which is not currently for sale. Another advantage of using a realtor is that they can negotiate with the seller or sellerís agent in a businesslike manner, without emotions clouding the picture.
How Does Realtor Benefits to the Buyer?


There are many obvious benefits to the buyer of using a realtor. One of the main benefits is that the realtor can act as an intermediary between you and the listing broker. The listing broker will probably not know you and therefore cannot exert any influence on you, or make an assessment of you that could compromise your negotiating position is an important strategic tactic that will benefit you.

Another advantage to a buyer is the opportunity for the realtor to access the MLS computer which can provide instant, thorough, and accurate information on properties that might interest you. Without an agent searching for you, you seriously minimize your range of selection and the prospect of concluding the deal at a price that is attractive to you.


7 Essential Guidelines to Choose a Buying Agent
  1. Choose an agent familiar with the neighborhood you are interested in. Such an agent will know comparable market prices, and can target the types of homes that meet your needs.
  2. Choose an agent who is particularly familiar with the buying and selling of residential properties.
  3. Choose an agent who is experienced and knowledgeable in the real estate industry.
  4. Choose an agent who is thorough on properties you are interested in terms of background information such as length of time similar properties.
  5. Choose an agent who will be honest with you in suggesting an offer and explaining the reasons for the recommendation.
  6. Look for an agent who has effective negotiating skills to ensure that your wish can be presented as clearly and persuasively as possible.
  7. Look for an agent who is working full-time and attempts to upgrade professional skills and expertise.


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