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The current low interest rates, the lowest in over 40 years, provide you with the opportunity to carry a mortgage for about the same amount of rent as you are probably paying now. However, a home is not only a financial investment, but an emotional one as well. There is excitement and thrill in buying your first home, but also added responsibilities.

John Lam - professional realtor in Greater Vancouver          Wanting the Dream       John Lam - professional realtor in Greater Vancouver
Tired of an unresponsive landlords, annoyed with unfriendly or noisy neighbors or frustrated with paying rent without anything to show for it in terms of equity?

Something that first time buyers need to know...

Many people have the dream of owning their own home. A home evokes a feeling of security, pride, safety, freedom and a sense of cohesiveness. Basically, you own castle, no matter how small the castle may be. They have started the first step in wealth creation and over time will enjoy an increase in value in their purchase.

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